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Monthly Archives: April 2019


Criminal Sentencing Changed—and Florida Prisoners Due to Be Released—Due To First Step Act

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

The criminal justice reform bill that was recently passed into law received widespread media attention, and for good reason: the bill significantly changes criminal charges and life-altering convictions for those charged with crimes, including those faced here in Florida. Perhaps most importantly, the law reduces mandatory minimum sentencing requirements, especially when it comes to… Read More »

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What Is “Grey Divorce” and What Considerations Should I Take Into Account If I’m Divorcing Later In Life?

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

The “grey divorce” is on the rise, and by that term, we mean the separation and dissolution of marriage that occurs between older couples; usually after the age of 50.  According to statistics, just over the past quarter-century, the divorce rate among adults 50 and older has increased by 109 percent. Even while the… Read More »

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