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Orlando Child Support Attorney

Both parents are obligated to provide financial support to their minor children, and this is true regardless of whether the parents are married, divorced or were never married at all. Courts use the Florida Child Support Guidelines to arrive at a presumptive amount of child support that may be ordered in a divorce or child custody dispute. The Orlando child support attorneys at Greater Orlando Family Law can guide you through this process to make sure the courts have the correct information to determine the proper amount of support, or argue on your behalf when you or your ex are arguing for a deviation from the guidelines amount. Learn more about child support in Florida below, and contact Greater Orlando Family Law with any questions.

A look at the Florida Child Support Guidelines

The guidelines determine a monthly amount of support to be paid by a noncustodial parent to a parent with primary custody or timesharing. The guidelines use a formula based on the combined monthly available income of both parents, the number of children to be supported, and other factors such as monthly child care costs, health insurance costs for the children, and noncovered medical, dental and prescription medication costs. Further modifications are made based on the percentage of timesharing exercised by each parent, with an increased obligation when each parent has at least 20% of the overnights (73 per year).

Deviation from the Florida guidelines

The guidelines amount is presumed sufficient and proper, but either parent can file a motion to deviate from the guidelines. The family court judge is permitted to order a different amount, either higher or lower than the guidelines, based on a number of factors, including:

  • Extraordinary medical expenses for the child
  • The child has special needs
  • The child’s age justifies a deviation
  • The child already has an independent stream of revenue from another source
  • The paying parent is also financially supporting a parent
  • A parent’s income varies substantially with the seasons

How our Orlando family law attorneys can help with child support in your divorce or custody dispute

The guidelines formula starts with the parents’ combined monthly available income. To find this amount, the parents must complete a financial affidavit. This seven-page comprehensive form covers over a dozen different sources of income, over half a dozen allowable deductions, several categories of monthly expenses and a long list of assets and liabilities. Not only can we guide you through the completion of this affidavit, but our knowledgeable and experienced divorce lawyers can make sure you spouse is completing the affidavit fully and accurately and not trying to hide assets or underreport income. Additionally, if you or your spouse are seeking an up or down deviation from the guidelines amount, we’ll prepare and present a compelling case and provide evidence to the court to support your position.

Get Help with Child Support in Your Orlando Divorce

For advice and representation in your Florida divorce, including arriving at a fair amount of child support, contact Greater Orlando Family Law at 407-377-6399 for a confidential consultation with our skilled and knowledgeable Orlando divorce attorneys.

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