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Eric L. Bensen, Esq. Reviews

Phenomenal Counselor

Dr. Eric Benson is one the most knowledgeable lawyers I’ve hired to represent me. My ex tried to get back child support after 11 years of receiving 800 per month faithfully. Dr. Benson and his team gets 6 Stars from me. He is very organized and know what to do and say in court. If you dont have a chance of winning, he wont take your case on. He is honest, just and compassionate. Look no further, you want Dr. Benson on your side.

~ Anonymous ~

Outstanding Attorney

Eric Bensen is an outstanding attorney. I highly recommend him. 
Mr. Bensen assisted me in a Domestic Violence issue. He helped me with every step. Applying for an injunction, court hearings, and successfully getting a restraining order. He was calming when I felt like my world was falling apart. He knows almost everyone at the courthouse. They all respect, and trust him. He is professional, experienced, and will fight for you!

~ Anonymous ~

Highly experienced, courteous professionals! Cynthia Winter and my attorney, Eric Bensen, were always there for me from the very start.

~ Micki Francis Noto ~

Kenneth J. Cotter, Esq. Reviews

Ken Cotter is extremely professional. He always took the time to provide me with clear explanations of complex legal situations which allowed me to make the best possible decisions. Even though my case did not look encouraging initially, Ken stuck with it and developed the evidence needed to win a judgement in my favor. I highly recommend his services.

~ anonymous ~

Ken is very professional and knowledgeable. He worked with me to develop the evidence needed to win a judgement for my case. He provided me with clear legal explanations during the entire process and was very easy to work with. I highly recommend his services for all legal work including personal injury situations.

~ anonymous ~

Mr. Cotter used his vast experience of the legal system to sucessufully handle my case. He was very easy to work with and took the time to clearly explain the legal aspects of my case, so I thoroughly understood the situation. I really recomend him for anyone needing complex legal service.

~ anonymous ~

Mr. Cotter was very knowledgable and listened to my concerns. He was patient and was able to get a favorable result, in a reasonable amount of time. His fees were fair and a good value. I felt as though he treated me the way I wanted to be treated and did his very best for me.

~ anonymous ~

Laura A. Moffett, Esq. Reviews

I am grateful and extremely satisfied

Remarkable. First and foremost I would like to commend you Laura and your team for all the hard work and dedication you have shown the pass year towards completing my case. I am grateful and extremely satisfied with the results of the case. I would definitely recommend Laura and her Firm to my colleagues, friends and family. Not only due to the fact that I received majority of my requests within the divorce but because of the exceptional service and communication that was developed along the way. For that I thank you guys in advance and I look forward to retaining you if anything were to happen in the near future. You guys were great!

~ Mathew D ~

Put your faith in Laura Moffett

Professional, efficient, responsive and knowledgeable are just a few words I would use to describe Laura Moffett and her paralegal Monica. 
They were also very kind and informative. Always getting back to me very quickly in regard to any questions or concerns. They made me feel like my case was their top priority at all times. 
When we finally went to court I knew we were absolutely ready for trial. 
I would not hesitate to recommend her to a friend or family member. She is an excellent attorney but she is also a kind and patient person who will always make time to speak with you and address your concerns. You won’t regret hiring Laura and her team to represent you. They are the very best!!

~ anonymous ~

Best attorney EVER

I was in a tough spot. I had went though a bad divorce and had a bad attorney. I was referred by a friends and WOW was I amazed on what a real attorney is like. Well she is special. She cares for you and what’s in your best interest. Laura and her paralegal Monica are there for you and your family.

~ Chris ~

Spectacular family law attorney

Laura was recommended to me by another attorney. One of the best things about her is that she works for the best interests of her clients AND their children. Any time I had a questionable decision to be made. Laura had no problem advising me the best course of action whether it was what I wanted or not. Always friendly. Just listen to her advice and all should be fine. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case with Laura’s guidance and support.

~ Justin ~

Years Of Support

Laura has been unbelievable! She has been here to support me with my case well after it has completed and always guides me without a blink of the eye. She truly cares about myself my daughter and family with the situations that present themselves every year. If you want an attorney who truly cares and wants the best for you, you should hire her! I’m just blown away by her heart and dedication to her job. Thank you Laura!!

~ Michael ~

Best Of The Best

Laura is incredible. She’s one of those rare people who give you much more than you bargained for and I felt like I couldn’t of gotten a better lawyer anywhere. She’s extremely confident and on top of everything ahead of time. She is razor sharp and doesn’t miss any details, always focused on the issues and very clever. In my case she smoked the opposing counsel and never lost one argument. Her recall of the facts and details is amazing and I’ve never seen anyone who can argue as effectively to make something happen the way she wants it to. The day that I met her I walked into her office pretty depressed about what was about to happen to me in this divorce. When I left that day I was in a great mood and optimistic that she was a good choice But I had no idea that she was going to throw a complete shutout to the opposing counsel. All I ever heard was “in a divorce the only people who win are the lawyers“ That’s not true for me. I feel like she won the lottery for me. 
Thank you Laura Moffett

~ Randy ~

Lorna M. Truett, Esq. Reviews

The smartest lawyer I know

I would like to start off by saying I went to a lot of consultations with several other attorneys who barely even looked at my paperwork. They were only concerned with how many motions they could file in my case, and how much they could charge me for each frivolous motion. When I met with Lorna she actually sat down with me, looked through the paperwork with great detail, and gave me a list of options. None of which involved a bunch of motions that wasted my money, or time for that matter. From start to finish Lorna handled my case in my best interest, always advising me of my options, and letting me know which option was best for me and my situation as my case was very complex. She was really good about staying in touch with me and keeping me in the loop whether by email or phone calls. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Thanks to Lorna I got everything I wanted and things worked out in my favor. I highly recommend Lorna if you want an attorney that takes the time to understand your specific needs and makes sure she works towards fulfilling those needs!

~ Corey ~

Firm, friendly, frank and confident

Lorna Truett was hired at the recommendation of her former colleague at The Orlando Family Law Firm, my former attorney, Eric DuBois, who was recently elected Orange County Judge. Lorna helped me secure an extension for a mortgage refi as part of a marriage settlement agreement. The extension was challenged by my ex-wife, and Lorna provided excellent advice and rapid response to deflect contempt of court motions filed against me as I sought to complete the refinancing efficiently within a short time frame. Lorna was readily available to answer questions. She was firm, frank and confident in her dealings with all parties involved, and I knew she was battling with my best interests in mind. She earned my trust early and never wavered in her support of my efforts to move forward with refinancing without complications. As a result, we completed the refi within the time it would have taken had the extension been accepted, and Lorna was instrumental in making sure my ex-wife, her attorney, the title company and all parties knew of my sense of urgency and desire to complete this transaction without wasting the court’s time on frivolous motions. She is a dedicated professional, and I will gladly recommend her services.

~ Matt ~

Highly Recommended!!!

I recently hired Lorna to represent me and I must say I was completely satisfied with my decision to hire her. She had all of the qualities I was looking for in a lawyer: she was professional, understanding, great at communicating and answering questions, agressive, and money conscious. She always took the time to answer my questions and listen to my concerns to give me the best advice possible. I always felt like she had my best interest in mind throughout my entire case and I would highly recommend Lorna if you are looking for a high powered attorney who will have your best interest in mind and who will get the job done without wasting your time and money.

~ Michael ~

Best lawyer

Lorna Truett is very professional, gets the job done quickly and always kept me updated in my case! I would recommend her to anyone! I’m very satisfied whit her work and her team is amazing!

~ Pedro ~

Michael J. Vaghaiwalla, Esq. Reviews

AWESOME!!!!!!! I have nothing but the best to say about Mr vaghaiwalla and his firm!!! Through Mr Vaghaiwalla and his firm I have absolutely nothing that can explain how phenomenal they are!!!!!First off I am a single dad with full custody of my two amazing young children and for that I owe everything to Mr Vaghaiwalla and firm! Not to leave out Liz Santiago whom with her help I learned how to use a computer !!! The firm gave a father a new perspective on what I considered to be a joke of a legal system and shed new light on how, when done properly, that the truth and best judgement will prevail and prevail it did!!! I paid for multiple consultations from other attorneys and am so fortunate that I took the time to find the right one for myself and my children! Once I spoke with Michael I felt that good feeling and he did not approach my situation as every other attorney did and for that I chose to hire him! The best decision I have ever made hands down! Thank you Mr Vaghaiwalla and you too Liz as for you have given my children nothing but the best future ever! You have really changed our lives for the better!! For that I am forever grateful !!!

~ Michael ~

I should like to express my appreciation for the remarkable services rendered by both Mr. Michael Vaghaiwalla and Ms. Liz Santiago in executing my uncontested divorce.

From the moment I met Michael in my initial consultation, I knew he was the attorney to best represent me. It was my intention to interview three attorneys, but Michael impressed me from the moment he began to discuss my options. My search began and ended with him. I brought gourmet chocolates for him to share with the office as a thank you for his time and I could see that he was taken aback by my gesture. Mike was so very kind and patient with me. I knew that he would continue to be thus throughout my case.
I wanted you to know that I appreciate all the hard work Mike and Liz applied to my case. I never thought a divorce was going to happen in my life, and it was a very scary scenario for me. Even beginning the procedure was very frightening after so many years of marriage! But they took me by the hand and led me through it all. I am so grateful to them and look where I am now – I’m on the other side! I have gotten to know them both very well; as have my kids. It has been emotionally stressful for all of us, but they have been incredibly supportive. Now it is on to another stage of our lives; a much more positive one.

I appreciate everything they did for me. Beyond legal advice, the care as a human being through each phone call, email, and draft/redraft/re-redraft! Michael and Liz make an outstanding team. It was a real pleasure to work with comforting personalities in a professional environment.

“Thank You” The words seem so very simple, but they carry with them all my appreciation! Thank you so much for everything! The girls and I have and always will, remember what you’ve done for us and how you’ve touched our lives. You’re ‘The Best’! What a great team!

~ Dr. Jeanne Giardino ~

Excellent Attorney

Hired Michael for my divorce case, which unfortunately turned into a 3 year ordeal due to delays caused by former spouse. Michael worked with me throughout all the delays, providing guidance and patience. Would definitely recommend the firm and Mr. Vaghaiwalla.

~ Michael ~

Excellent Attorney!!! Highly recommended!!!

Michael is the type of attorney you want to hire immediately. He is very professional and knowledgeable, yet patient, caring and down to the earth. Michael is sincere, always takes his time to listen to my situation. He was very responsive when I need my questions answered. Michael did an excellent job during the deposition with my son’s mother. His questions were specific and crafty, and the outcome exceeded my expectation! I am glad to say that I won the case because of him and his diligence! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs professional help in family law areas. You will not regret to have him on your side! Thank you, Michael, with all my gratitude!

~ Nick & B ~


Thank you for restoring my faith in people and the legal system. After I filed an appeal due to a terrible final judgement I retained your firm to help salvage my future. You did an awesome job with all the evidence to prove my ex husband lied about his income and ability to work to support himself. New judgement reversed many errors from my original judgement.

~ Rhonda ~

Cynthia M. Winter, Esq. Reviews

Cynthia did an outstanding job on my divorce case

If I could describe Cynthia in three words, it would be personable, attentive, and professional. She always addressed any questions or concerns I had quickly and knowledgeably. In the hearing, she was very well prepared for the case and always looked out for my best interests. She knew exactly how to handle each situation that came up, and I could not have asked for a better outcome in my divorce case. She is a truly remarkable lawyer, and I would hire her again.

~ Alex ~

An Attorney Who Will Go to Bat For You & Your Family

Attorney Winters handled my case with great care and efficiency (which helped with costs). Her knowledge was clearly reflected in her ability to anticipate any potential unwanted outcomes. In the courtroom she presented herself respectfully and humble before the judge/magistrate, but when necessary asserted the argument articulately and with a strong legal basis. No doubt I recommend her and should I need representation again I will hire her again.

~ Andrea ~

Solid Representation

Professional and responsive, Ms. Winter’s knowledge of Florida Family Law earned my respect. Her ability to competently guide me through the divorce process earned my trust. Ms. Winter made a difficult time a little easier and less stressful by being patient and ready. I am grateful for finding Ms. Winter and for the help she provided and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing assistance.

~ Edward ~

Brilliance, Grit & Compassion

Cynthia Winter represented me with the highest level of skill, concern, compassion and attention to detail. She not only cared about my case, she cared about my children and me. When I was out of town, facing a crisis, Cynthia responded after hours, stayed available throughout the night, gave me solid, invaluable legal advice….but she provided me so much more. Cynthia cared about my children and the emotional side of the problem. When the case took a left hand turn & we were able to effect a settlement, Cynthia was available at all hours, with an immediate, clear response. She was smart, tough, sensible and brought the case to a successful close. I recommend her highly – I hope I never need the services of an attorney again – but if I did, I would call Cynthia Winter without a moment’s hesitation.

~ Nikki ~

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