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Winter Park Family Attorney

Greater Orlando Family Law is a full-service, comprehensive family law practice assisting clients throughout the greater Winter Park and surrounding areas. You can depend on our firm to deliver professional, high-quality advice and representation in any family law matter. Some of the common issues our Winter Park family attorneys can assist with include:

Florida Divorce

While every couple believes that they will get married and it will last forever, the truth is, a lot of marriages break down for one reason or another. Whether someone was at fault for causing the marriage to end or you just grew apart over the years, things happen. In some situations, a divorce is the right decision for a couple’s long-term happiness. Our Winter Park divorce attorneys will be there throughout the process to help make sure your interests are protected. We can handle both contested and uncontested divorces as well as divorces involving children and high-net worth portfolios.

Marital Agreements

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement before your marriage, or you have been presented with one, it’s imperative you review it with a Winter Park family law attorney. A prenuptial agreement shouldn’t be completely one-sided, and it needs to be legal in order to stand up in court. If you were presented with a prenuptial agreement, you need an attorney who can review the terms and make sure you are not being taken advantage of.

Child Custody and Support

If you have a child with someone and you were never married or you are getting a divorce, you may need assistance if there is a custody battle and/or child support issues that need to be addressed. Our Winter Park family law attorneys can help negotiate custody and parenting time agreements. We can also assist with helping you collect overdue child support payments.

Step-Parent Adoption

If you have married someone with children, you may be ready to solidify that relationship even further. Adopting your step-child can give them a sense of love and belonging that is important to their well-being and development. There are also additional benefits to step-parent adoptions as well. These can include inheritance rights, health insurance, employment benefits, veteran status, and more. Depending on the status of the child’s other biological parent, it can be an easy or complex process. Our team can review your situation and advise you on the best legal options.

Domestic Violence Issues

We can also help clients with any domestic violence issues that arise either before or after a divorce petition has been filed. Unfortunately, violence can erupt when emotions are overheated, especially while you are arguing about important issues pertaining to the divorce. If domestic violence is a factor in your family law matters, you definitely need an attorney who can help protect your rights.

Contact our Greater Orlando Family Law Attorneys for All Your Winter Park Family Law Needs

If you need assistance with these or any other family law related matters, contact Greater Orlando Family Law at 407-377-6399 today to schedule an initial consultation. Let one of our skilled Winter Park family law attorneys help with all of your legal needs.

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