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Orlando Family Appeals Attorney

Florida’s family courts hear some of the most sensitive disputes involving children and families. From divorce and child custody to domestic violence and juvenile delinquency matters, Family Court judges strive to provide fair and impartial justice to everyone who appears before them. Even so, judges can make mistakes, and litigants often walk away feeling they were treated unfairly.

If you find yourself in this position, our Orlando family appeals attorney can help. Greater Orlando Family Law is a team of attorneys who can review your Family Court matter and advise you on potential grounds for seeking judicial review from a higher court. And where possible, we can represent you in building and presenting your case to the appellate court.

How Family Law Appeals Work in Florida

Just because you disagree with a Family Court judge’s ruling in your case, that does not automatically give you grounds for an appeal. One thing to understand about family appeals is that an appeal is not an opportunity to re-try your case. The role of Florida’s appellate courts in family law matters is actually quite limited.

Basically, you can ask a Florida District Court of Appeal to review a possible legal error made during the handling of your original case by the Family Court. Some common examples of such errors include:

  • The judge’s ruling violated Florida law or the United States Constitution;
  • The judge admitted or excluded evidence in violation of Florida court rules;
  • The judge violated judicial ethics, or engaged in otherwise illegal conduct. during your trial;
  • The judge made a procedural error or committed an abuse of judicial discretion that negatively affected your case; or
  • The other party, or their attorney, committed fraud during the trial.

Family law appeals do not involve presenting any new evidence or having witnesses testify in court. Rather, a three-judge panel will receive written briefs from both sides. In some cases, the panel may request oral arguments, which gives each party–or more typically, their family appeals attorney–a chance to answer questions from the judges about the case.

In addition, with limited exceptions, family law appeals are limited to final decisions issued by the Family Court. For example, you can appeal a final divorce decree or child support order. But you generally cannot immediately appeal a decision made by the trial court during the course of your trial.

Contact Our Orlando Family Law Appeals Lawyer

If you wish to appeal a Family Court decision, time is of the essence. Under Florida law, you typically have just 30 calendar days from the date that a Family Court order or judgment is signed to file a formal Notice of Appeal. So as soon as you are faced with an unfavorable ruling or decision, you should not hesitate to speak with a qualified Orlando family appeals attorney as soon as possible.

Contact Greater Orlando Family Law today at 407-377-6399 today to schedule a free confidential consultation with a member of our team.

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