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Orlando Modifications Attorney

Modifications of Financial & Custody Issues in Greater Orlando Family Law

Marriage doesn’t always last forever, but even when a marriage has ended in divorce, the former spouses and partners often continue to interact on some level for years to come, and this is especially true if they had children together. Court orders made at the time of divorce dictate how the parties will relate to each other regarding certain issues, such as the payment of alimony or child support as well as parenting and timesharing (child custody). but circumstances change, and it may be necessary at times to modify those court orders. Through divorce modification the Orlando modification attorneys at Greater Orlando Family Law can assist you in working out a modification with your former partner or advocating for you in court when you or your ex are challenging a proposed modification. Learn more about modifications of financial and custody issues below, and contact our office for help with a modification of custody or support.

Orlando Child Custody Modification

In a Florida divorce and paternity action, the parenting plan will include a timesharing schedule which will set out in detail how much time the children spend with each parent, how decisions about the child’s schooling, healthcare and extracurricular activities will be made, transportation for custody exchanges, and everything else that goes into sharing or dividing parental responsibilities. but children are growing all the time, and their needs may change in ways that were not anticipated. Changing schools, developing new interests or being diagnosed with intellectual challenges or physical disabilities can necessitate changing the parenting plan to accommodate the child’s needs. Parental needs can change as well, such as a new job that requires a move to a new locality. Under Florida law, a parental relocation with the children of more than 50 miles for more than 60 days requires first getting the other parent’s permission or going to court to have the move-away approved by the court.

Modifying Alimony or Child Support in Orlando

A job loss or a change in income, up or down, of either party may justify changing the amount of child support, or modifying or terminating alimony. if a former spouse receiving alimony remarries or moves in with a new partner, this can often be a reason to modify or terminate alimony, although not always. Changing medical, educational or extracurricular needs of the child may also spur a request to modify child support.

How do Court Orders for Custody and Support get Modified?

Not all court orders in a Florida divorce are modifiable. For instance, the property division can generally not be changed post-divorce, and not all forms of alimony can be modified. in areas that may be modified, it is up to the party seeking the modification to prove a significant unanticipated change in circumstances that would justify the modification. at Greater Orlando Family Law, our divorce lawyers can help you work with your ex-spouse or co-parent to modify an agreement in a way that meets your needs or the needs of the child, and reflects the changed circumstances. Our attorneys are also strong advocates for your position in court when you are seeking a modification that is contested by the other party, or when you yourself are challenging a proposed modification that is not the best interests of your children, or something that you agree to.

For help with modifications of financial and custody issues after an Orange or Seminole County divorce or paternity action, contact Greater Orlando Family Law at 407-377-6399 to meet with a team of skilled and knowledgeable Orlando divorce and child custody attorneys.

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