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Orlando Parent Coordination Family Attorney

A parenting plan must be created in any Florida divorce that involves children. Each parent will receive a copy of the plan, which outlines the visitation schedule, responsibility for transportation, a holiday visitation schedule, and other information regarding how the two parties will co-parent after the divorce. Still, even after a plan is drafted, the parents may disagree about how to interpret or apply the plan. In these cases, parent coordination is often helpful. Below, our Orlando parent coordination family attorney explains further.

What is Parent Coordination?

Parent coordination provides an alternative to litigation that is non-adversarial and that aims to provide a dispute resolution option that is focused on the child and that shields them from conflict between their parents.

During parent coordination, each party will meet with the coordinator. Parents can meet with the parent coordinator together or separately, and meetings can take place in person or online. The role of the parent coordinator is to establish healthy communication protocols parents can use to resolve their disputes. Coordinators can also help fine tune a previously established parenting plan, particularly when the two parties interpret the plan differently.

While coordinators should educate parents and make appropriate recommendations, they cannot make decisions for either party or on the case. This differs from other states, which allow coordinators to make the decision if the two parties cannot agree.

Parent Coordination is Confidential

Generally speaking, anything said during parent coordination is confidential. Confidentiality is necessary during parent coordination, as it builds trust between the two parties involved in the dispute, as well as between the parents and the coordinator.

The Florida Statute pertaining to parent coordination specifically stipulates that all communication during parent coordination is to remain confidential, although it does outline certain exceptions. Additionally, the parents, coordinator, and any party involved in appointing the coordinator may not present evidence or testify about any communication that occurred during parent coordination sessions.

Who Pays for Parent Coordination?

In most cases, parenting coordinators will charge an hourly fee for their time. The two parties typically split the cost, although a court can also determine the allocation of the responsibility of the fees. As with most family law issues regarding children, the two parents can also reach an agreement on their own about the responsibility of paying fees.

Parent coordination is usually less expensive than entering litigation, which is one reason couples find it so beneficial. Instead of the two parties hiring their own attorneys, they can split the cost of a parenting coordinator.

Our Family Lawyer in Orlando Can Provide the Legal Advice You Need

Parent coordination is a great option for parents who are having trouble interpreting and applying their parenting plan. When entering into it, you should still work with an Orlando parent coordination family attorney who can advise you of your rights and help you achieve the best possible outcome. Call us now at 407-377-6399 or reach out to us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help with your case.

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