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Winter Park Child Custody Attorney

Compassionate Winter Park Divorce Attorneys Assisting Parents with Custody Disputes and Timesharing Matters in a Florida Divorce

When a couple has children together, but they ultimately decide to move on — whether it’s a breakup or a divorce— the courts will need to decide how much responsibility and rights each parent will continue to have in regard to raising their children.

Florida courts prefer to have both parents in the child’s life, maintaining frequent and meaningful contact. It’s a myth that the courts will always side with one parent only, as shared custody is the favorable decision, unless it’s proven that a shared agreement would not be in the child’s best interests. For example, family situations involving domestic violence would likely cause a judge to avoid shared custody.

No matter what the circumstances are, the Winter Park child custody attorneys at Greater Orlando Family Law can assist. Our team can help you work through parenting and timesharing issues in your custody dispute or divorce. We’ll work tirelessly to help achieve a result that meets your needs and is in the best interests of your children.

Our Winter Park Child Custody Lawyers Can Help You with Your Parenting Plan and Timesharing Agreement

It’s important that parents remember that what is best for their children should be the number one priority. That should take precedent over what is best for you and your ex during the custody battle. In some separations, parents may try to work together on their own to create a parenting plan and timesharing agreement that works best for the entire family.

While we recommend a collaborative approach over formal litigation in a courtroom, it could be a mistake to attempt to create an agreement without the assistance of a skilled family law attorney. Parenting plans must be extremely detailed and comprehensive in order for them to work properly for your family.

At a minimum, a Florida parenting plan and timeshare agreement must address certain points, including:

  • A breakdown of each parent’s share and responsibility for the everyday tasks of raising your child;
  • Designate in the agreement who will be the parent responsible for educational decisions, health care, and other important activities;
  • A detailed schedule of the amount of time the children will spend with each parent; and
  • Discuss what methods and various technologies each parent will use to communicate with their children.

You cannot attempt to just deal with these issues as they arise. It will not work. Getting into specifics verbally can result in miscommunication and the whole process can break down. You need to have everything detailed out, including pick up and drop off schedules, how you’ll both handle vacations and holidays, how to handle changes and unexpected emergencies, etc. Our Winter Park family law attorneys will make sure that all potential issues and problems are addressed.

Contact Our Winter Park Child Custody Attorneys to Help with Your Custody Dispute

If you need assistance with custody issues during your divorce or breakup, our Greater Orlando Family Law attorneys are here to help. Let us help you and your ex reach an amicable agreement on visitation and parenting time. Contact our office today at 407-377-6399 to schedule an initial consultation.

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