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Winter Park Timesharing Attorney

Experienced Family Law Attorneys Helping Parents with Parenting Plans and Timesharing Agreements in Winter Park

Even in a contentious marriage, parents typically still want what is best for their children. That aspect doesn’t change just because you are getting a divorce now. The state has done away with the term “custody” and refers to it as “timesharing.” There are some situations where parents manage to work together in order to create a parenting plan and timesharing schedule that works for all parties.

However, in many cases, the parents need help working out an agreement. This is where a Winter Park timesharing attorney can help. Creating a timesharing schedule outside of formal litigation is highly recommended but doing it without the advice of legal counsel is not.

At Greater Orlando Family Law, our Winter Park timesharing attorneys have ample experience working with clients to help draft a timesharing agreement.

Are Parenting Plans and Timesharing Agreements the Same?

While often used interchangeably, there are some differences between a parenting plan and a timesharing agreement. A parenting plan is a document that outlines the details on decisions that a parent can make on behalf of their children. This can include important elements like education, religious upbringing, etc. The parenting plan will also include a timesharing schedule, which details how much time your children will spend with you and how much time they will spend with your ex.

What do Timesharing Agreements Need to Address?

Timesharing agreements should be very detailed and include a number of specifics that you may not think about. Your Winter Park child custody attorney will be the one who walks you through all the important elements and requirements. It should have everything from pick up and drop off times to where the children will spend their birthdays and holidays. Having specifics can help set expectations and keep arguments and miscommunication to a minimum. By detailing minute details, like pick up and drop off times, it helps keep your ex from saying he or she didn’t know they had to be there at a specific time.

Timesharing agreements should also go over communication methods between the parents and the children. Perhaps you want your ex to only communicate with you via text message and voice calls. You can also set forth details on how your ex will communicate with your children. Perhaps you don’t want him or her sending emails. You can spell out details like this in the agreement.

At Greater Orlando Family Law, we deal with parenting plans and timesharing agreements on a regular basis. The benefit of our experience can help you in your case as we know what the courts typically approve and how to draft a plan that both sides will agree to. If you and your ex can reach an agreement and your parenting plan and timesharing agreement meets the court’s guidelines — and is in the best interest of your children —then the judge will be likely to approve the agreement.

Contact Our Winter Park Attorneys Who Can Help with All Your Family Law Needs

To discuss what needs to be in a Florida parenting plan and timesharing agreement, contact Greater Orlando Family Law today at 407-377-6399 to schedule an initial consultation.

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