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Monthly Archives: September 2020


Can You Be Punished for ‘Parental Kidnapping’ in Your Florida Child Custody Case?

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

Unfortunately, the term “parental kidnapping” is becoming more widespread in child custody cases in Florida. In some cases, divorced or separated parents can face legal consequences for parental kidnapping when they intentionally take their children away from the other parent without permission or court order. However, there are also situations in which a parent… Read More »

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A Motion to Enforce vs. Motion for Contempt in Florida: What’s the Difference?

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

If there is a court order after your divorce and your former spouse refuses or fails to comply with it, you may be thinking about filing a Motion to Enforce or a Motion for Contempt in Florida. But what is the difference between the two? The Difference Between a Motion to Enforce and a… Read More »

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