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Category Archives: Timesharing


Can You Be Punished for ‘Parental Kidnapping’ in Your Florida Child Custody Case?

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

Unfortunately, the term “parental kidnapping” is becoming more widespread in child custody cases in Florida. In some cases, divorced or separated parents can face legal consequences for parental kidnapping when they intentionally take their children away from the other parent without permission or court order. However, there are also situations in which a parent… Read More »

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Things to Consider When Creating a Long-Distance Parenting Plan

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

Most parents create a parenting plan after getting divorced or ending a relationship involving children. However, when one parent relocates to a different state or country for work-related or other reasons, adhering to a standard parenting plan or timesharing can be problematic. For this reason, parents who have a significant distance between them opt… Read More »

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