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Category Archives: Fathers Rights


How Parental Alienation Can Cost You Custody in Florida

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

As attorneys who work with a number of clients on time-sharing and fathers’ rights issues here in Florida, parental alienation is one of the hardest issues we face in the field of family law because of how difficult it can not only be on parents, but also on their children.  For whatever reason, when… Read More »

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What New Challenges Are Fathers Facing When It Comes to Fathers’ Rights?

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

When most people think of fathers’ rights, they think of a contested divorce between a mother and a father, with the father possibly having to fight to retain some rights and be a part of his children’s lives. However, fathers’ rights now expand beyond this traditional, conventional concept, and into parental rights of same-sex… Read More »

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