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Does Polyamory Lead To Divorce?


When you got married, you vowed to a life of monogamy. After all, sleeping with someone else besides your husband or wife would be cheating. Unless, of course, you and your spouse were in an open marriage.

Polyamory, swinging, “consensual nonmonogamy” — these are all terms for sleeping with other people while married. But it’s not considered infidelity because both spouses are in agreement to open up their marriage.

It’s said that millennials are the ones most interested in polyamory, but why? Younger generations are changing up a lot of traditions. With people living longer than ever, is it really realistic to expect someone to be with the same person for 50 years or longer?

Monogamy might have been good enough a century ago when people lived to be 40 or 50 years old. But now people are living twice as long. We have social media, which allows us to communicate with people across the world. It’s so easy to meet people nowadays. Why limit yourself to just one person the rest of your life?

Marriage is changing. You probably know that gray divorce is on the rise. That’s because people get bored once they retire or become empty nesters. Then there are couples who cheat on each other or stay in miserable marriages “for the kids.” This can be a frustrating situation for all involved. Why not just have another life outside of marriage?

Polyamory allows couples to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak. They don’t want to remain faithful but they also do not want to divorce. Usually it is one person asking their partner to open up the marriage. This often catches the person off guard. They may believe in traditional marriage. What if they don’t want to sleep with anyone else?

Because of this, polyamory is not all it’s cracked up to be. It can create jealousy and resentment. It can lead to trust issues, especially if one spouse is not fully on board with opening up the marriage. While some couples claim that polyamory has added some spice to their love life, others believe all it does is lead to divorce.

Dealing with relationships outside of marriage can be complicated. You and your spouse will need to agree on guidelines. Can you date other people or is it strictly sex? Where can you have sex? Will your spouse have to meet your sex partners? There are many aspects to address if you are thinking about going this route. 

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When one spouse is not getting their needs met, there needs to be a discussion about it. Opening your marriage is not the way to save your marriage, even if you both agree to it.

Polyamory often ends up in disaster. While you may be trying to prevent divorce, ending your marriage may be your only option. Get the legal help you need from an Orlando divorce attorney from Greater Orlando Family Law. Contact us today for a free consultation. Fill out the online form or call 407-377-6399.



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