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How Do I Make Sure I Have Covered All of The ‘Bases’ When It Comes to Technology & Protecting Myself During Divorce?


One of the most important issues to go over with your Orlando divorce attorney in the modern era is how you will address technology related issues in your divorce and over to ensure that you are protected—and/or even assisted by this technology—where possible. Technology provides an opportunity to do significant damage in divorce therefore you want to make sure that you take a number of very basic precautions, as we discuss below.

Changing Passwords

First in foremost, it is crucial that you change all of your passwords. This not only includes passwords to bank accounts, but even accounts you think are benign, such as Amazon or Netflix. This will mitigate potential damage your ex can do in the future. Also note that there are programs out there that can help create and organize new passwords such as “strong random password generator,” “LastPass,” and “KeePass.”

Wiping The Slate Clean

Wiping data off of any family share technology, such as the iPad or computer, is also very important. Not only do these devices have an extensive history that has tracked your browsing, but they have also likely stored all of your saved passwords. Precaution should be taken when it comes to any electronic device that has a potential to save data; including not only banking and tax info; but also instant messages, such as phones that are on family plans. Also remember that before you wipe everything clean you want to make sure that you have backed up anything that is important, and just deleting data once off of a computer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gone—it could just have been moved to the Trash folder, etc.

Child Custody Apps

There are also co-parenting apps designed to help you with child custody issues. These apps not only track visitations and communications, but also help you keep track of schedules and meetings. Co-parenting apps help take the guesswork out of managing children’s schedules after separation, by collecting and storing all of this communication and location information, they assist you to store information that may be necessary to use in the courtroom, should custody issues develop.

Social Media

Last but not least: social media accounts. It is no secret that social media accounts can cause people significant trouble after divorce, especially when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. Not only should you consider taking all of your accounts down, but if you want to continue to use these programs, consider working with someone who is good with technology to create the most private profiles possible, whereby you have a significant amount of control over your privacy settings and who can access your information and postings. Still, make sure that anything you post is always “squeaky clean.”

Contact Our Florida Divorce Attorneys to Find Out More

When it comes to working with a divorce attorney, you want to ensure that you are working with someone who is savvy when it comes to all of the important details and how they affect you and your future. If you live in Florida, contact our divorce attorneys at Greater Orlando Family Law  today to find out more about our divorce services.




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