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What Is The Role Of A Fathers’ Rights Attorney?


Sometimes, fathers need help fighting for their right to see or support their child. A fathers’ rights attorney is a family law attorney who has specialized experience with advocating for the rights of fathers. The following article will provide some helpful information regarding the role of these attorneys.

What are the rights of a father?

Once paternity is established, a father has the following rights to his child:

  • The right to custody or visitation
  • The right to list the child as a dependent on his taxes
  • The right to change the child’s name
  • The right to carry the child on his health insurance
  • The right to make legal decisions affecting the child

What is the role of a fathers’ rights attorney?

A fathers’ rights attorney will typically take on some of the following roles:

  1. Paternity: A fathers’ rights attorney can help you establish paternity over your child. If you are in the process of seeking to establish or challenge paternity in a civil suit, an attorney can help you obtain the proper evidence required under state law and complete any associated paperwork.
  2. Adoption: In the state of Florida, a biological father who has established paternity has to give consent for his child to be adopted by another party. However, this right may be terminated for reasons including abandonment, failure to support the child, mental incompetence, or a finding of parental unfitness due to abuse or neglect. An attorney will help guide you through the adoption process or assist you in challenging an adoption.
  3. Termination of your parental rights: If you have been threatened with the termination of your parental rights, a fathers’ rights attorney will help you understand why and will represent you in court in order to retain your parental rights.
  4. Child support, visitation, and custody: Once paternity is established, a father may be required to pay child support and is thereby allowed to pursue visitation or other custody rights. A fathers’ rights attorney will help you understand what type of visitation or custody you may be entitled to and will draft a compelling legal argument for the court. An attorney can also help you negotiate and draft a parenting agreement which will take into account issues such as primary custody preference, visitation, education, health care, and what to do regarding any foreseeable changes to the parenting arrangement. This attorney will help you to reach an agreement that is equitable and that will hopefully be approved in court. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, a contested hearing may be requested. If so, your attorney will advocate on your behalf to obtain a result that is respectful of your rights as a parent and is also within the best interests of your child.

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