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When Postpartum Depression Affects Your Marriage


Having a baby is supposed to be a wonderful time. It’s supposed to be a time full of excitement as you and your spouse navigate parenthood.

Unfortunately, though, many women experience postpartum depression (PPD) after giving birth. New fathers may experience it as well, So can adoptive parents, although it is not as common.

PPD is a type of depression that lasts longer than a few weeks and is more than just sadness. Other symptoms include sleep problems, feelings of panic, not being able to care for your baby, and the inability to think clearly.

PPD is a type of mental illness that may make you hate your partner or your baby. These feelings can be dangerous if not treated, so it’s important that the person seeks therapy.

PPD can be caused by hormones. Hormone changes occur during pregnancy and they can cause women to feel depressed. Changes in routine and stress can also be contributors. This is especially true if the new mother is sleep-deprived and her partner is unwilling to help out.

The feelings associated with PPD can affect a marriage in many ways. Here are some examples.

Ineffective Communication

If your partner is struggling with PPD, communication can be difficult. Still, you both need to be able to be open and honest with each other. This can be a frustrating time, so lean on each other. Don’t be against each other; instead, work together.

Unfairness Around Duties

It’s typically assumed that the mother will do the bulk of the work once the new baby arrives, especially if the mother plans to breastfeed. However, expecting the mother to take care of most of the baby’s needs can be overwhelming, making PPD even worse. It’s important for the mother to get help for the first few weeks or so as she settles into a new routine. The partner or their families should arrange for this. Cooking meals and cleaning can be a great help.

Financial Issues

Money problems can be a major cause of arguments. Babies are small but they require a lot of gear, which of course costs a lot of money. With one parent not working at all and the other parent possibly taking time off work to bond with the child, there’s often less income coming in. This may require tightening up the household budget but it needs to be discussed.

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Having a baby can affect a person in many ways. Mothers deal with a lot of physical and emotional changes when they are pregnant and they don’t always go away once the baby is born.

Dealing with children can be hard even for a healthy mother. If depression is affecting your marriage and you can’t seem to make things right, contact Orlando divorce attorney from Greater Orlando Family Law. We’ll make sure your needs and the needs of your child are met. Fill out the online form or call 407-377-6399 to schedule a consultation.



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