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Monthly Archives: January 2021


How Are Pension and Retirement Accounts Divided in a Florida Divorce?

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

As the number of gray divorces across Florida and the United States keeps rising, people aged 50 or older are now more likely to get divorced. If you are an older adult or have been in a long-term marriage, pension and retirement benefits could account for a significant portion of marital assets. It is… Read More »

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Is a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) Right for Your Florida Divorce?

By Greater Orlando Family Law |

Contrary to popular belief, ending a marriage is not always a lengthy, costly, and adversarial process. While these divorces are not uncommon, you may be able to resolve your divorce case quickly and reduce the cost of the process if you opt for a marital settlement agreement (MSA). A marital settlement agreement can be… Read More »

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