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Why Do So Many People Get Divorced at The End of the Summer?


It is no secret that a number of people choose to get divorced in the spring; after the holidays; presumably due to wanting a fresh start; way head of a new school or work year, particularly if they share children with their spouse. However, according to a study out of the University of Washington, divorce rates are also increasing at the end of the summer – especially in August – for the reasons discussed below.

High Expectations & Disappointments When It Comes to Summer

While some couples may enter the summertime thinking that it will provide them with a break from the issues they have been experiencing during their everyday routine and perhaps introduce some relaxation into their relationship, many come out feeling disillusioned and disappointed when this doesn’t occur, finding that the same marriage problems that they had before summer, are still there.

Extra Time On Hand

Summer can also place a certain amount of pressure on couples precisely because there is an emphasis on extra family bonding during this time, when routine falls by the wayside. However, having that extra time can actually produce the opposite effect sometimes; where couples end up with extra time to take a closer look at issues and wonder why they are staying in the relationship when extra time spent together isn’t necessarily a happy time for them.

Timing It ‘For The Kids’

In addition, a number of kids go off to school at the end of August – including colleges, which involves some kids living away from home – leaving some couples with the opportunity to pause and reevaluate their marriage. In fact, some individuals have reported simply waiting for their children to go off to college before initiating divorce. In addition, some see August as providing children and families with enough time to come to terms with the divorce before the holidays arrive in November and December.

Summertime Infidelity

One of the most common reasons people get divorced involves infidelity, and the summer can sometimes “inspire a wandering eye,” leading to an affair and then, dissolution of marriage.

Florida Divorce Attorneys On Your Side

Regardless of when it occurs and whether children are or are not involved, divorce can be a complex process, especially when it comes to dealing with a couple’s unique property distribution issues and any interests they are seeking to protect. In reality, the best approach is to actually start your divorce planning months ahead of when you actually file for divorce, and it makes sense that the summer is when you may have the time and opportunity to start making these plans and discussing them with your attorney.

At Greater Orlando Family Law, our team of experienced Orlando divorce attorneys focus solely on helping people get through family law issues. Contact us today to find out how we can help ensure that you and your children’s needs are protected.




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